Geothermal Resource Consulting

Geologica Geothermal Group, provides high quality global geothermal resource exploration, development, and assessment services and environmental consulting services for private and public sector clients.

After 15 years as Principal of Geologica, Inc, President Jill R. Haizlip formed Geologica Geothermal Group in late 2014 in order to continue and expand on the success and capabilities of the Geologica Geothermal Team. The Geologica Geothermal Group team is led by senior professionals, with over 30 years, in disciplines related to geothermal resources from the initial stages of exploration, development, assessment, production and operations as well as environmental consulting experience.  We provide senior level technical and management expertise, strategic planning, risk assessment and mitigation, and project coordination.

Geologica Geothermal Group’s technical expertise includes geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geophysics, data management, geographical information systems, remote sensing and reservoir assessment and management, environmental science, permitting, and regulations as well as geotechnical, and civil engineering services.  We have excellent associations with experts in reservoir engineering, numerical simulation, drilling, power generation, and project design including wellfield, gathering system, and surface facilities.

Our Mission

GEOLOGICA GEOTHERMAL GROUP’s mission is to maximize our client’s environmental potential and minimize their liabilities by acting as a hands-on, client-oriented, technical advocate. We develop a project-specific, proactive strategy and identify cost and time-saving opportunities by evaluating project history and incorporating the client's business and environmental needs, key objectives and priorities. We work as a member of the client's team to ensure optimal execution.

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