Experienced Environmental and Geothermal Engineering Consultants

GEOLOGICA GEOTHERMAL GROUP provides comprehensive environmental, geothermal and engineering services and civil and remedial design and construction services to major corporations, real estate developers, the legal community, financial institutions, government agencies, and the public sector. Our company specializes in value-added service that enhances our clients' technical and financial decisions

We provide high quality consulting services to clients seeking to cost-effectively manage their environmental liabilities and resources. Comprised of senior professionals with broad experience in the engineering and environmental consulting industry, our team of specialists employs state-of-the-art data visualization, exploration, presentation and evaluation methods, as well as innovative applications of science and engineering to maximize effective use of data, solve our clients' technical and regulatory problems, and manage project execution.


Our Mission

GEOLOGICA GEOTHERMAL GROUP’s mission is to maximize our client’s environmental potential and minimize their liabilities by acting as a hands-on, client-oriented, technical advocate. We develop a project-specific, proactive strategy and identify cost and time-saving opportunities by evaluating project history and incorporating the client's business and environmental needs, key objectives and priorities. We work as a member of the client's team to ensure optimal execution.

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