Nicholas Hinz – Vice President, Geoscience

Principal Geoscientist – Geology/Conceptual Modeling
Mr. Hinz is the Vice President of Geoscience and a Principal Geologist with more than 20 years of field-based experience with structural geology and geothermal projects located throughout North America, East Africa, Turkey, Asia, and the Caribbean. Mr. Hinz joined the Geologica Team in 2018 after more than 10 years as a Research Associate at University of Nevada, Reno and the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy. His past industry experiences have included broad regional assessments and evaluations of individual resources, including both volcano-hosted and fault-hosted resources. He specializes in detailed geologic mapping and stress calculations for the purpose of characterizing fracture permeability, refining conceptual models, and well targeting. Mr. Hinz has completed projects in a variety of environments and geologic settings including volcanic arcs, rifts, and along continental strike-slip fault zones. He has published extensively on geologic and geothermal topics, frequently leads field trips for professional organizations and assists with geothermal training workshops.