Geothermal Resource Characterization and Water Quality Investigations

Clients: California Energy International, Ltd., Bali Energy Company, Ltd., Patuha Power, Ltd.
Geologica Geothermal Group personnel conducted investigations of surface water chemistry in two potential geothermal energy development areas in Indonesia. Investigations at Patuha included reconnaissance to identify geothermal features, geochemical sampling of hot spring, furmaroles and cold background water, field and laboratory analysis, and interpretation of results. Our investigation was an integral part of a multidisciplinary exploration project to define and characterize this resource. The Bali effort involved similar investigations of the geothermal surface manifestations as well as non-thermal lake and stream surveys along the flanks of the largest volcanic feature on the Island of Bali. Both investigations utilized local technical and logistical support and were conducted primarily on foot due to limited access and minimal road development. Sampling equipment had to be imported and samples were exported for analyses overseas. Interpretations of the Bali and Patuha geochemical data provided preliminary resource characterizations evaluation of potential reservoir conditions (single or two-phase), approximate reservoir temperatures, potential recharge and discharge, and estimated extent. Deep drilling confirmed the preliminary resource characterization partly based on our geochemical investigation and interpretation in both areas.