Resource Management and Project Optimization

Geologica Geothermal Group has contributed to optimization production processes in the resource management of many geothermal systems. Our work has involved evaluating observed changes in production characteristics and variations in production chemistry that have affected corrosion, steam purity, non-condensible gas loading and scaling; monitoring significant reservoir variations in flow and enthalpy including natural recharge, boiling and injection breakthrough; and developing resource optimization plans that include production and injection. We have participated in identifying and mitigating chemical-related production problems in surface facilities from the gathering system through the power plant and injection system. Geologica Geothermal Group personnel performed a key role in identifying and developing mitigation for volatile HCl-related corrosion in The Geysers. Additionally, we have contributed to minimizing geothermal production environmental impacts through monitoring and mitigation and helped manage hazardous materials, toxic emissions and geothermal process wastes.