Dr. Sabodh Garg, Vice President

Reservoir Engineering

Dr. Sabodh Garg joins the Geologica Team in 2019 as vice president for reservoir engineering and Principal Reservoir Engineer at Geologica. He has collaborated with Geologica on numerous projects over the last 10 years through his previous position as program manager of resource technology for Leidos and Science Applications International Corporation – SAIC. He has been an active participant in geothermal R&D since the mid-1970’s and specializes in geothermal reservoir engineering, geophysical survey interpretation, resource assessment, and development planning. He has carried out technical studies in geothermal reservoir mechanics, pressure transient analysis, multi-phase non-isothermal flow, rock mechanics, and the behavior of geopressured reservoirs. Dr. Garg has served on numerous geothermal and energy-related boards and panels, including Geothermics, Energy Sources, U.S. Academy of Sciences, and DOE review panels, and is recipient of the GRC Special Achievement Award (2001), the GRC 2003 Joseph W. Aidlin Award, and the GRC 2017 Hank Ramey Reservoir Engineering Award.