Geothermal development can involve distinct stages of exploration and development, or financing and scheduling constraints can require exploration and development to occur simultaneously.  Throughout the development and operation of the project, efforts to optimize the use of the resource continue especially as it changes with production or as the project expands.

Rational exploration plans require reasonable and timely data acquisition and interpretation to develop an early understanding of the resource potential and to minimize development risks.  Development plans and project design often require modification throughout the life of the project in order to optimize the resource supply. Optimal production and injection scenarios can change as new resource information is revealed, environmental, regulatory, economic, market or contractual information changes with the production of a resource.

Geologica Geothermal Group understands the needs of geothermal projects and how to contribute to their success. Our personnel have been involved in every stage of geothermal resource development from exploration, development, maintenance, operations, and closure for more than twenty years.

Geologica Geothermal Group personnel have contributed to all phases of geothermal resource development including:

  • Preliminary and detailed geoscientific studies (geological, geochemical, hydrological, volcanological, geophysical) for evaluating resource potential for development,
  • Environmental studies, risk assessment, permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Drilling and logging exploration, production and injection wells
  • Well flow testing-data collection and interpretation
  • Geochemical sampling – steam, hot and cold waters, exploration and production wells, power plants, soils, rocks and other solids
  • Geochemical data evaluation
  • Exploration and field development planning
  • Prospect evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence assessments of resource, environmental conditions and existing facilities
  • Reservoir engineering and management
  • Conceptual reservoir modeling
  • Numerical reservoir simulation
  • Well field production and injection planning, monitoring and management
  • Geochemical resource monitoring and evaluation
  • Gas loading, scaling and corrosion mitigation
  • Steam purity analysis at power plant inlets
  • Chemical plant balance and process engineering
  • Hydrogen sulfide abatement
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance, audits, regulatory interaction
  • Air quality, water quality and waste management

Focus Areas

  • Resource Assessment: Geologica Geothermal Group provides comprehensive support services for geothermal exploration and resource identification and definition.
  • Resource Development: Geologica Geothermal Group focuses our resource assessment and development studies and planning on collecting the necessary information for data-driven, resource-specific decision making.
  • Resource Management: Geologica Geothermal Group has contributed to optimization of development strategy and production processes in many geothermal systems.