Jill R. Haizlip – President

Principal Geochemist

Ms. Haizlip has over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of geothermal resource evaluation, geology and hydrogeochemistry applied to a variety of geothermal exploration; resource assessment, testing and characterization; and development projects.  After 15 years as a successful Principal Partner of Geologica, Inc, Ms. Haizlip founded Geologica Geothermal Group in late 2014 in order to continue and expand on the success and capabilities of the Geologica Geothermal Team.  Her expertise in chemistry of geothermal fluids is applied to geothermal resource development in: reservoir characterization and temperatures, non-condensable gases, scaling and corrosion, hydrogen sulfide abatement, steam treatment and other geochemical considerations.  She has worked extensively with multi-disciplinary teams to develop conceptual and numerical models of geothermal systems as a basis for geothermal development planning and decision making and has managed comprehensive geothermal resource development projects.  Ms. Haizlip has extensive experience working on development of geothermal systems worldwide including Djibouti, Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia, Turkey, Caribbean; as well as The Geysers, the Salton Sea, Nevada and other geothermal resources in the Western US.