Bweengwa River Geothermal Prospect

Client: Kalahari GeoEnergy
Geologica Geothermal Group is providing on-going technical geoscience and geothermal development advisory support for the remote Bweengwa River Geothermal Prospect in Zambia. From pre-feasibility, to on-sight oversight for the exploration surveys and drilling, we are incorporating results into a continuously updated conceptual model to guide geothermal development in the area.

KGE is currently in the slimhole exploration drilling phase with a planned cascading-use development, including 10-20 MW of binary power generation and downstream direct-use of the waste brine for one or more industrial applications including milk-drying facilities. Geologica provided a preliminary resource evaluation, planned phased exploration, and integrated data into a conceptual model to guide each phase; while providing oversight and evaluation of TG and slimhole drilling programs.

Geologica recently began a resource development feasibility study, funded by the United States Trade and Development Administration (USTDA). This will include resource assessment, a preliminary project design, capital and O&M cost estimates by Veizades, and cost and non-financial benefits of the project.