Geothermal Resource Assessment and Development Feasibility Study

Client: Lihir Gold
The Lihir Geothermal resource is located in an active open pit gold mine on the Island of Lihir in Papua New Guinea. Since the mine required dewatering and temperatures were high as a result of active hydrothermal system, mine dewatering produced steam, Geologica Geothermal Group reviewed available on mine dewatering and limited deeper geothermal exploration wells as part of conducting a feasibility study of developing the Lihir geothermal resource for power generation to run the mine’s gold processing plant. Geologica Geothermal Group recommended that mine construct a 25 MW net electrical generation based on available resource after addressing scaling issues and the temporary nature of mine dewatering wells. The mine started with a smaller pilot project and is currently beginning a 25 MW power generation facility.