Environmental and Resource Assessment

Client: World Bank, International Finance Corporation
Geologica Geothermal Group, provided environmental and geothermal resource assessment to support financing considerations by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for a proposed expansion of the Olkaria Geothermal Field in Kenya. The project included resource development, wellfield planning, a power plant and transmission lines in addition to existing wells and an interim binary power generation facility. The development project is located within a national park increasing the IFC’s environmental sensitivity based on its policy that all its operations must be environmentally and socially responsible.

Geologica Geothermal Group visited the field area to inspect the physical conditions of the site. Environmental baseline and impact assessment data, reservoir analysis and well test data were reviewed. Geologica Geothermal Group also conducted on-site interviews with the developer, local technical personnel, and government utility officials. Additional interviews included Kenya Wildlife Service personnel and other relevant environmental authorities. The capacity and productivity of the resource were evaluated to support the proposed development in the context of the existing Olkaria field. Environmental risks and adequacy of existing project environmental documentation were critical considerations in the context of local and national environmental regulatory compliance, the national park setting and the IFC’s environmental objectives. Project documentation included a written report to project and government authorities.