Technical Services for Geothermal Resource Management, Development at Sokoria

Client: PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia -KS ORKA
Geologica Geothermal Group has developed a conceptual model for reservoir assessment and well targeting for up to 30 MW of geothermal power generation based on the review of exploration geo-surveys, additional geologic and structural mapping, geochemical assessment, and early drilling review. Geologica Geothermal Group’s ongoing support includes well test analysis, well capacity estimates for pumped and/or artesian wells, silica scaling and acid fluid mitigation plans. Additional support includes drilling engineering, on-site drilling supervision, and well site geology, well prognosis, well test planning, implementation and analysis, interpretation of results and incorporation into well target and engineering of next drilling will be used for additional well drilling program at Sokoria Geothermal Project.