Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project

Technical Services for Geothermal Resource Management, Development at Sorik Marapi

Client: Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power-KS ORKA
Geologica Geothermal Group provides ongoing independent technical and project planning support for a multi-stage geothermal power project in Sorik Marapi, in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Technical contributions include reservoir assessment and development planning for up to 240 MW of geothermal development including well targeting, conceptual and numerical reservoir modeling, fluid geochemistry evaluation, well test planning, well test implementation and analysis, reservoir monitoring and management, and reservoir modeling. Geologica Geothermal Group also provides on-site support including drilling engineering, on-site drilling supervision, and well site geology. Geologica Geothermal Group is currently incorporating well prognosis, well test planning, implementation and analysis, interpretation of results into well targeting and engineering for drilling of additional production and injection wells. Additional work includes exploration and geothermal resource potential assessment of the undrilled portion of the license.